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The Interviews

Interview of  Avi Pearce

with Silvie and Gabriel Osson

"Haiti benefit concert" on CHOQ.FM 105.1

Radio Broadcast by

(Live only no archive).

Songs played during the interview:



Avi Pearce also appearances on Rogers CB.T.V 10.

Mississauga. ( Catch the repeats of this interview

in the month of August 2010.) 

Interview of Recording Artist Avi Pearce 2010

with R.Thomas & Lukofsky in

"Liquid Lunch show"

   Prior to the concert Haiti benefit 

    Click below photo to watch video





sorry the video now is unavailable since the Liquid Lunch show has now closed

Thehazefm Radio Broadcaster "Musically Yours"

by Deirdre Malllehe in the interview of Avi Pearce.

                                       Interview of Recording Artist "Avi Pearce"

      with Thomas & Marla Lukofsky in studio @
 on the "Liquid Lunch Show.



Special Thanks

To the Snap Magazine Mississauga North

News Reporter, the Photographer and the rest of the News Team.

Thank you for your terrific effort

and support for the benefit concert of Universal Aftershock Haiti 2010.


Article Aug, 2010 of MISSISSAUGA North

Avi Pearce looking fabulous before her

Nancy, from the Red Cross Toronto Chapter,
 with Avi, before her performance

We just wanted to let you know that the event you submitted to SNAP North Mississauga has been published! You can view and share the photos online here:


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"Universal Aftershock" Benefit Concert

Mississauga residents were making a difference recently as they came out for the "Universal Aftershock" Benefit Concert featuring singer/songwriter, Avi Pearce. While fans and supporters enjoyed Avi's unique pop fusion sounds throughout the concert, proceeds from the event also went towards the Canadian Red Cross in order to help re-build the lives of people in Haiti after the recent earthquake. The Meadowvale Theatre was filled with hope throughout the afternoon, and even a few laughs as comedian Jason Blanchard entertained the crowd as the show's Master of Ceremonies. Check out Avi's music at or find out how you can help in the Haiti relief effort at


See the rest of the event here...



Article Date Mon Aug 15, 2010 of MISSISSAUGA .COM

Singer dazzles benefit concer

 By Niki Yeh  Reporter Mississauga News

Feeling the Aftershock

Singer Avi Pearce performs during her Universal Aftershock 
concert yesterday afternoon at Meadowvale Theatre.Photo by Claudio Cugliari
Singer Avi Pearce dazzled her fans at Meadowvale Theatre yesterday with an afternoon of world pop hits as she presented her Universal Aftershock concert for Haiti relief.
All proceeds are going to Canadian Red Cross Haiti relief initiatives.
“Haiti means the world. If you can help one person at a time, it gives you the chance to do something right and that’s what I'm trying to do,” Pearce said before she ventured on-stage. 
The former Erin Mills resident, who now lives in Ajax, was thrilled to come home and perform at the Meadowvale Theatre.
“It’s important for me to do (the Aftershock concert) in Mississauga because I was a resident here and I wanted to get friends united to come out for the cause.”
Red Cross volunteer Nancy Alderdice was on hand to collect donations and answer questions about Haiti.
“There are still people in Haiti using tents made out of bed sheets and garbage bags," said Alderdice. "Every dollar goes a long way ... 25 cents can provide a kid with a meal. It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot." 
Master of ceremonies Jason Blanchard opened the fundraising concert by reminding the audience that everyday needs like clean drinking water are still a concern for Haitians. 
Then Pearce took to the stage with two drummers and a trumpet player to perform You Are The World, a single she wrote for the benefit. She glided elegantly across the stage clad in pearls and a pink and white formal gown, while facts about Haiti were flashed against the stage backdrop. 
Pearce went on to perform her hits I’m Your Lady, Memories, Love’s Fantasy and Dreams, three tracks nominated for honours at the 2009 Hollywood Media Music Awards. The audience was also treated to the Mistletoe, her upcoming single that will be released in November. 
Meanwhile, fans were impressed with the way Pearce used her musical talent to bring awareness to the cause.
“It’s a great idea for Avi to do this (benefit concert). Her musical career seems to be taking off quite well,” said fan Olwen Hyross.  

Pearce is hoping to take the Universal Aftershock performance on tour across Ontario

Click here to view the accrual article from Mississauga News             

More photos in this link


Article Date Wend Aug 4, 2010 MISSISSAUGA .COM


     By Julia Le Reporter, Mississauga News

Singer hosts benefit  concert for Haiti 

Sun Aug 15, 2010. Show time: 3:00PM




                    Avi Pearce. Singer/songwriter Avi Pearce returns to Mississauga next week
      to host a benefit concert in support of earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. Photo supplied

Singer/songwriter Avi Pearce returns to Mississauga on Aug. 15

to host a benefit concert.
The former Mississauga resident will perform  at Meadowvale Theatre

in support of earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.
Show time is at 3 p.m. Tickets cost $40.
Pearce, who was nominated for three Hollywood Media Music Awards

last year for Memories, Love's Fantasy and Dreams Aka Go Get It Girl,

said she wants to raise awareness of the determination

and courage of the people of Haiti.
"I want to use my music and use my talent to help others,"

said Pearce, who plans to take the Universal Aftershock benefit concert on the road to other Ontario cities and, eventually, across Canada.
She says people in Haiti had so little to begin with that when the

earthquake hit in January they had little chance of rebuilding their lives without help from other countries.
Pearce said she hopes Mississauga residents will open their hearts

to help those who are struggling in Haiti.
The concert will feature songs from Pearce's most recent album, Circle of Lives. She'll also debut a new song, Be The Change Aka You are the World.
“Everyone will have a great time and when we unite for a very worthwhile cause we can all make a huge difference to the lives of the people of Haiti,” she said.
All proceeds go to Canadian Red Cross.
For tickets, call 905-448-2197, ext. 225 or visit


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The story appears in today's Mississauga Booster Serving

Streetsville and Meadowvale. It's on the front.

Julia Le
Reporter, Misissauga News
T: 905-273-8141

ON, Canada

Press Release

Aug 2nd, 2010


                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Public relation,

Mary Ellen Koroscil

M.E.K. Specialty Services Inc.

ON, Canada









Avi Pearce is focusing on helping the world, one concert at a time. 

For her upcoming benefit concert, donations will be earmarked for

the Canadian Red Cross who are continuing to help the residents

of Haiti rebuild their lives following the devastating earthquake. 

She also wants to raise awareness for the determination

and the courage of the people of Haiti and she firmly believes

it’s time to take action  now for long term support.

This benefit concert will be held on August 15 at 3:00 p.m.

at the Meadowvale Theatre, 6351 Montevideo Rd., in Mississauga.


She is no stranger to the concept of re-building of lives

as her birth place is Viet Nam. 

She has been living in Canada for many years,

and a former Mississauga resident,

she now resides in the Eastern area of Toronto.  


Especially for this concert Avi has written a powerful new song,

“Be The Change Aka You are the World.”

This concert will debut her new song and this will be a  “first,”

for the audience hearing her perform it.  Her future plans are to take this benefit concert

on the road, throughout Ontario and eventually, clear across Canada.


Avi’s songs have been a hit in L.A. and she has been honored by several

Hollywood Music Awards Nominations. 

In 2008, her song, “I’m Your Lady,” was nominated

for a Hollywood Media Music Award. 

As well this song was recognized by Billboard Music.


In 2009, her three songs, “Memories,” Love’s Fantasy,”

and “Dreams Aka Go Get It Girl,”

were nominated for Hollywood Media Music Awards.

Billboard Music also honored her two songs,

“Memories” and “Love’s Fantasy.” 

Currently, she has released a CD entitled, “Circle of Lives.”

Always, with an eye to the future concerning her music career,

in April of 2011, her new CD will be released.


She has also recorded “A Little Christmas,” song,

which was digitally released in December of 2009

and the second one, “Mistletoe,”

will be released in November of this year.

She is excited about bringing back her own special brand

of music to Canada

and to build a strong fan base. 


She is appealing to local residents and inviting them to attend

and to bring along their family and friends

to support this exciting, high energy benefit concert.

According to Avi, “Everyone will have a great time and when we unite for a very worthwhile cause

we can all make a huge difference to the lives of the people of Haiti.”


Tickets for the Haiti benefit concert in Mississauga,

scheduled for August 15 at 3:00 p.m.

are available by contacting the Meadowvale Theatre at:

(905) 448-2197, ext. 225

or at (905) 427-7564

Tickets will be available for cash transactions only at the door,

on August 15 from 11:00 a.m.

and on.  All credit card transactions for ticket purchases

are available online at: 

    Be sure to check out Avi Pearce’s official website: 

     Download songs and buy music CD

Official website:


Fan page 

Band Profile

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